My 15 Minutes of Fame – If you listen closely you can hear my 15 minutes of fame ticking away.

In addition to the below I regularly post on Medium.

Media coverage of Soccer Thinking for Management Success is on

Parkland students and framing the gun debate for NPR digital
Democrats can win elections and unify Americans with civil religion for The Hill
Four things political professionals can do to meet our obligations to democracy for The Hill
My take on the media’s coverage of sexual harassment for Sinclair Broadcast TV stations nationally
I Took Speaker Ryan at his Word, I was Wrong for the Independent Journal Review
House Speaker Paul Ryan and America’s Civil Religion for the Independent Journal Review
Strategic Communication: A Political and Operational Prerequisite for Successful Peace Operations, co-authored with Robert Gordon for the International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations
Don’t be an Underpants Gnome Voter for the Indepenent Journal Review
The Argument Against Campus Speech Codes is Right but for the Wrong Reasons for the Independent Journal Review
Migrant  Versus Refugee for the Independent Journal Review
“Anchor Babies” for the Independent Journal Review
Terrorism and the Confederate Flag Debate for the Independent Journal Review
Talking Syria on PostTV with former Pentagon spokesman Doug Wilson
The Process of Healing and the Trial as Product: Incompatibility, Courts, and Murder Victim Family Members in the Edited volume Wounds That Do Not Bind: Victim-Based Perspective on the Death Penalty
How to Talk Crimey and Influence People for the Drake Law Review
Several talks I gave at American University were covered by C-SPAN

In addition to numerous talk radio and news appearances, I have been a guest on the POTUS channel on XM/Sirius talking about health care reform, the death penalty, Syria, and here talking about metaphor and Russia’s conflict with Georgia. I have also appeared several times on the syndicated television news program White House Chronicle

Soccer Thinking
My book, Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for organizations from the world’s game is available on Amazon and elsewhere. Ask for it at your local bookstore.

Several media outlets have been talked to me about the book, including:
Roll Call: Former Hill Staffer Says Soccer Can Teach Management
The Hill: Ex Capital Hill Aide Shares Political Lessons from Soccer
Lessons on Leadership from the World Cup – Interview in the Mumbai Mirror
I have been a guest on the UpNext and the Life As We Know It podcasts

I appear in the award-winning political documentary, Split: A Divided America, and on a panel discussing the re-cut version of the film a few days before President Obama’s second inauguration.

WAMU Metro Connection interview
The Washington Examiner on a solo show at the Foundry Gallery
The Hill newspaper on a solo show at the Foundry Gallery
WAMU Art Beat on a solo show at the Foundry Gallery

Keep DC United
The Washington Times writing about a volunteer, fan-driven effort to persuade the DC City Council to work to keep DC United in DC.

Essays in the journal of the Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors
The View from Washington Spring 2012
The View from Washington Spring 2011

Political Satire (Morning Edition long enough ago that the format may be obsolete)
Protest Tourism
Product Placement on CSPAN
People Like You Better When You’re Dead
A Co-Presidency Solution to Bush/Gore (as I said, long ago)
White House T-Ball

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