A Caution About the Politics of Soccer Politics Punditry

Today is the filing deadline for candidates for president of the US Soccer Federation. Between now and the election in February there will be lots of hot-taking, statement parsing, and political predicting. Soccer fans like to express opinions. A lot of soccer fans are also politics fans (or at least followers) and like to express opinions about… Continue reading

Carter Makes it Eight and Changes Everything. Or Not. More politics of soccer politics.

The news that Soccer United Marketing (SUM) president Kathy Carter is likely to run for president of the US Soccer Federation — and that incumbent president Sunil Gulati likely will not run — adds a twist to an already interesting race for the top office in soccer’s governing body in the United States. First reported by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl, Carter’s candidacy… Continue reading

Breaking Up is Hard to Do – A parasocial explanation for why we care about media scandals

We care more about Matt Lauer being a creep (at best) than the thousands of managers at IT companies because we know Matt. We have breakfast with him every morning. Those other guys are just other guys, but he’s our Matt. Odds are good that someone who works at your favorite pizza joint, the hardware store, or the grocery… Continue reading